Medical Advisory Panel

We are grateful to the following health professionals and researchers who assist us in many different ways including  reviewing  and providing content for the website:

Dr K Ayazi

Pain specialist, London   

Pr M Canis
Professor of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, France. ESGE & PAX Society Board member, special interest: adhesions, endometriosis, oncology. Editor of Gynecologie, Obstetrique, Fertilite.

Dr E Carr
Pain Education lead Special Interest Group of the British Pain Society, Council member British Pain Society, IASP member, Associate Dean of Institute of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, UK

Mrs J Childs
Msc, Practice Manager, Bournemouth and Poole Primary Care Trust, UK

Ms Y Cheong

Senior Lecturer & Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology,Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Division of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD),University of Southampton School of Medicine

Ms S Durr
Medical student at the University of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

Pr W Gillett
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Otago, New Zealand

Dr M Hibner
MD, Director of Gynaecologic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Special interest: pelvic pain, endometriosis, pudendal neuralgia

Mrs E Hili, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist - Chronic Pain, Kent  

Dr A Horne, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Gynaecologist
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh 

Mrs S Jarvis, Specialist physiotherapist, Women's Health,  Sydney

Dr S Jones
Radiologist, Poole Hospital, UK

Dr JJ Labat
Urology, Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, University Hospital, Nantes, France. Special interest: pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia

Dr J Malawana
Deputy Chair Education and Training, UK junior doctors committee, British Medical Assocation. Special interest, obstetrics & gynaecology

Pr A Maubon
Head of Radiology and Medical Imaging, CHU Limoges, France

Pr L McGowan, Applied Health Research, University of Leeds  

Mr A Pickersgill
Gynaecologist, laparosocopic surgeon, Stockport, UK

Dr H Poole
Senior lecturer in psychology, Liverpool John Moore's University and Pain Relief Foundation, UK. Special interest: neuropathic pain

Pr A Rapkin
Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, USA, special interest: pelvic pain

Dr T Riant
Anaesthesiologist and Pain Specialist, Pain Relief Centre, Centre Catherine de Sienne, Nantes, France

M Stubbs  MSc, Practice nurse, Surrey, UK  

Dr Frank Tu
MD MPH, Director, Division of Gynecological Pain and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

Pr Dr U Ulrich
Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Berlin Endometriosis Centre, Germany.

Dr JP vanBuyten
Anaesthesiologist and Pain Specialist, St Niklaas, Belgium, Special interest Neuromodulation

Pr T Vancaillie, Gynaecology, Sydney Women's Hospital   

Dr D Wiseman
Pharmacologist, Dallas, Texas, USA, special interest: adhesions

Editorial panel:
In addition to the above medical advisory panel members, the following clinicians, researchers and health professionals have contributed to reviewing the website content:

Dr G Archard GP, Dr M Johnson GP, Dr M Knapton GP

Pr A. Dickenson
Professor of Pharmacology, University College London

Pr D Drossman
Professor of Medicine & Psychiatry, Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology, Chapel Hill, N Carolina, USA. President of the Rome Foundation, Co-Director of the UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disordersof the University of North Carolina.

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